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          • Galvanometer welding machine
          • Galvanometer welding machine
          • Galvanometer welding machine

          Galvanometer welding machine

          Model number: SL - WF150/300
          Laser power: 150W/ 300W
          External dimension: ×××mm
          Characteristic: especially suitable for laser precision spot welding of all kinds of small thin wall parts.


          Galvanometer welding machine is composed of YAG solid laser, laser power supply, optical scanning system, THREE-DIMENSIONAL adjustable table, industrial computer system, refrigeration system, laser indicating system, operating cabinet, etc.

          Provide special laser welding software based on Windows platform.

          Welding points or graphics can be directly input and edited in their special software, or edited by Auto CAD, Corel DRAW and other software, and then processed by importing their special software.

          Product configuration

          main partbrief descriptionnote
          optical maserHigh quality TAG crystal, imported metal concentratorMorgan
          optical systemMultiplex beam mirror, multichip focusing mirror, 5M fiber direct transmissionJapan's mitsubishi
          laser power supplyHigh reliable performance pulse laser power supply, energy feedback functionSHOLASER
          Special cooling system3P water cooling system, overtemperature protection and alarm, flow protection,
          water level protection, temperature stability ±0.5℃, environmental protection
          double circulation water cooling machine, titanium alloy evaporation control cooling
          welding benchAccording to the different needs of customers (vibration mirror table or three-axis table);
               Optional rotary table




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